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How does Curbside Chipping help

protect communities?

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Helping property owners
help themselves.

Often, property owners are willing to trim trees, cut back bushes and attack other woody debris on their property in order to reduce the "fuel" available if a wildfire strikes their neighborhood. However, disposing of this "fuel" is a challenge in many rural communities.  Curbside chipping addresses this challenge by allowing the property owner to bring the material down to the curb to await a chipping and removal/disposal by a chipping contract professional. Drop off chipping services are also beneficial as it reduces time  and travel to the dump or transfer station.

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What is the criteria for using
this service?

Different chipping programs have different criteria, mainly depending upon the type of chipper and chipping equipment being used. Basically, this includes the diameter of the material (generally up to 10"), and the type of woody debris (no construction wood, painted wood, tree  material with nails, etc). Bags or piles of leaves or pine needles are not accepted as they cannot be "chipped," however, branches can still have needles/leaves on them.

What is the process for
requesting service?

This process varies depending on the entity providing the free chipping. Some areas offer chipping on demand, other have monthly cycles with deadlines and online requests.  Some offer a drive around service during a specific period.

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What is the cost for

Chipping services referenced through this site are generally free to the property owner.  The services are covered by agencies (CAL FIRE or  San Bernardino County Fire,  for example)  or grants to fire safe councils (such as Mountain Rim FSC).

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